5 Easy Ways To Learn English

Learning a new language is like putting together a jig saw puzzle. You never know which piece to fit where unless, you have gone through each piece. Learning a new language is no different. You have to try new ways till you find what works for you. But, who has the time for trial and error today? You would say: So here are a few ways to help you and guide you to improve your English.

Hello Stranger

Hello! Stranger

Talking to strangers may not be a good idea for many reasons but, to learn a language this is one of the best ways. Meeting people in a safe zone for example: learning online platforms, book café and conversation based pages can help you in conversing in English. This will help you in overcoming your hesitation in the language. Moreover, such online platforms can help you practice what you have learnt without being judged.

Different individuals have different ways of expressing an idea. Listening to others can in turn help you in not only developing your own thought process but also in gathering ideas about better ways of expression.

Read aloud daily

Read aloud daily

Any new language including English requires a knowledge of basic phrases and words that help you in sentences formation. Reading aloud daily can help you in enhancing your knowledge in this field. If you are new to reading ‘Start small’. Start with reading easy texts. For example: Stories meant for kids are easy to understand but are enriched with grammar and vocabulary. You don’t need to finish a book in a day. You can start by reading a paragraph daily and gradually increase your speed and content. Reading aloud not only helps you in learning new vocab words and tenses but also in mending pronunciation.

Listen English songs

Listen to English songs and sing along

Listening to English number may seem futile but it goes a long way in helping you speak with natural flair. It’s not just important to speak English but it’s also important to speak it with the right blending and word contractions. Listening to English songs help you in understanding what a singer is speaking what phrases are being used and also how two words blend together to form a new one. To take an example, where a word ends in ‘U’ or ‘O’ and is followed by ‘vowel’ sound the resultant sound is ‘wuh’. So “you always’ will be spoken as ‘yu-wal-ways’.

own environment

Create your own environment

Many people often complain they don’t have a proper environment to learn English. But you can find a solution to this by creating a healthy environment on your own. You can do this by looking for like-minded people. Find people who share the same interest as you. Talk to them and converse of easy topic. The more you converse the more confident you become. You are the master of yourself and nothing can stop you from winning but you. And last but not the least.

Dream Believe Do Repeat

Dream. Believe. Do. Repeat.

As the saying goes you learn more from your consistent efforts that with a single massive swoop. This stands true for most of the things in our life. Repetition is the key the efforts can go in vain if there is no consistency and dedication in something. Your efforts need to be consistent with what you want to achieve.

If you dream to be a good English speaker, you will have to believe you have what it takes to become one. The next step is to put your efforts into making it a reality. Most people stop here but the next and most important step is REPEAT.

No matter what way you choose it’s important to start. Start small like talking to your friends in English. Or trying to place an order in English. But, the most important thing is you need to start and start today because tomorrow is a mystery.

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