Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak -Rachel Zoe

Yes indeed it is absolutely true that your clothes define you. The kind of style you follow builds an image of yours in the eyes of people. There’s a famous saying, ‘Don’t judge the book by its cover’, but sadly each one of us judges all things to a large extent by the outer appearance. Today is the world of personality cult. Being fashionable and up to date with the trends in vogue is the need of the hour. Especially among the young generation, the advent of social media in their lives has made them obsessed with fashion. If you don’t keep yourself updated with the latest fashion trends and not follow them, you are considered old fashioned and a misfit. And this cult is not only there among girls, even the young boys of today are very conscious about their looks and outfits.

It’s good to dress well and have an eye for fashion but that doesn’t mean we become slaves to fashion. Following fashion trends blindly is a rage among the youth today. So let’s see five common mistakes that youngsters make when it comes to being fashionable.


cdcfdfafaff Often youngsters especially teenagers tend to wear the same kind of clothes their friends wear. Yes, I agree we make someone our friend because we find the other person with the same kind of taste and likings but that doesn’t mean we have to become twins or copy exactly what our friends wear or follow. It’s not necessary that things or clothes which suit our friend may suit our body type too or we may be comfortable wearing that. A lot of youngsters face peer pressure because of the same reason. In order to fit among the cool guys of the school and college, they start aping them so that the cool group accepts them to be a part of their group. The acceptance does bring a sense of accomplishment in kids but when rejected, results in depression and inferiority complex too. It’s fun to once in a blue moon dress identically like your best friend and click lots of selfies but all the time blindly following what your friend does, doesn’t make sense at all. You must develop a style and personality of your own because you are not a clone of your friend. You are a different human being. Make your own style and be a trend setter.


caa f e aeb bbfab Not only among common people but social media is a rage among celebrities too. All national and international stars are highly active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This helps them in promotion and getting large number of followers and also it gives an easy access to the fans to know about the personal lives of celebrities or get to see their candid photos. So it’s a win-win situation for both. This also gives a chance to all the fans to follow their style icons and emulate their fashion mantras. However we see internet flooded with such videos or photos where fans have blindly followed a celebrity which turned out to be a disaster. Be it wearing an outrageous dress or getting an unusual hairdo, we have seen it all. It’s absolutely okay to get inspired by your favorite actor or celebrity and imbibe their cool sense of fashion but that doesn’t mean one should blindly follow everything, not even thinking about the amount of money being shelled in buying such exorbitant stuff and the number of times a person will be ridiculed for the same. No matter how much hyped up an accessory or an attire of a celebrity gets, think twice before buying it.


fka I know this point might raise a few eyebrows but I’d like to explain it. Yes with the limited amount of pocket money and so many expenses, it’s almost a dream for youngsters to afford the most popular brands but that doesn’t not mean we should buy and use counterfeit stuff. I’m not advocating any brand here however sporting fake brands can really bring your impression down in front of people. There are many affordable brands available in the market which won’t pinch your pocket at all and still make you the cool stud of your college. Also with huge discounts on online shopping portals, even expensive brands can be afforded by all. So my big advice to all readers would be, don’t wear fake stuff.


A common misconception that people have is that being fashionable means being too fancy and flashy. No!! This is totally nonsense. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Wearing brands head to toe and accessorizing with too much bling bling stuff to match up the hip hop rappers or the Kardashians is the biggest fashion faux pas which a person can commit. When it comes to fashion, follow the KISS strategy (Keep it simple silly). You would not like to be called as walking gold Oscar statue. Focus on your basic stuff first. Go for a well fit shirt, denims, tee etc. and go for quality. Once these are correct you’ll look smart by default.


addebfeccdad good attitude quotes kid quotes Being well dressed is truly the demand of the society these days. And it is good to dress well and prep yourself up. Life is too short, it’s important we love ourselves and do things which make us happy. But carrying the right dress but a wrong attitude is a big NO NO. The correct definition of a gentleman is not who wears suits and well polished shoes but who’s chivalrous and modest and respect paying. Good fashion with bad behavior will not lead you anywhere. Make your inner self positive and the outer self will itself reflect the same.

Written by: Shaikh Uzma Jamal

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