It's said, "Study English not to be alone!" English is considered the language of the Universe.

There are thousands of languages in the world. It's hard to know them all when we want to communicate with those who speak different languages. So, to communicate well & understand one another, we need a language that is usually people know.

Here comes the importance of learning English as it's considered an indispensable instrument to make your mark in the global workforce, business & education, etc. English can get you a better job not only in your country but also abroad. It's the official language of 53 countries & most widely spoken language in the world. So if you know the basics of English, you can make yourself understood in any part of the world.

Despite being the lingua franca & most preferred language to communicate, people hardly get exposure to the language.

Here comes the role of a right English speaking course online which can help us know the nuances of English & attain fluency, moreover it provides an apt environment to learn the language where peers & teachers can play a vital role in drawing best out of us & help us enhance our confidence level.

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A right English speaking course can help a learner in many ways :

  • They're designed as per the individual requirements.
  • These courses can also be customised.
  • Students can pick the program as per their level: basic, intermediate & advanced.
  • With the guidance of experienced teachers, students get to know their level of knowledge.
  • Various activities & programs in these courses help students use English correctly.
  • The classes help them learn the importance of effective communication.
  • The activities are designed so that hesitant students, feel comfortable & gradually open up.
  • The friendly yet disciplined atmosphere of these classes motivates students to try to speak & practice their spoken English without the fear of being judged.
  • There are many sources to learn vocabulary & grammar; however, things differ as per students' individual needs. To save students from confusion, teachers guide them as per their requirement only.
  • Teachers' presence enables students to ask them their doubts then & there, which makes the learning process more result-oriented.
  • By being regular in these courses, one can monitor their progress & can prepare themselves to proceed to the next level of learning.
  • It constitutes gaining confidence to a great extent.
  • Apart from knowing grammar, it's equally important to enhance speaking skills & prepare ourselves for different challenges like interviews, GDs, etc. These courses help students hone up their skills for the same.
  • It's always good to be enrolled in the right English speaking course & be guided by experienced teachers to avoid moving ahead blindly without knowing right or wrong.
  • ACL provides one such platform to its students to learn how to speak correct English & fluently. With its advanced pedagogy, it helps students communicate effectively with its online & offline platforms.

Hence, it's always advisable & beneficial to be enrolled in the right English speaking course online to better understand the language. It could benefit students in all aspects of their life & can help them become a better communicator.

Written by: Kalpana Chatterjee

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January 15, 2021

Acl is the best platform for speaking English, communication and self confidence

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