Which is the best online English speaking course?

Covid-19 has introduced us to a new normal. Social distancing and work from home culture presented themselves as the solution. If the increasing spread, there came a massive change in the educational scenario, where more and more people started turning towards online classes as a substitute for Classroom Teaching (Offline). Learning English was not alien to this change. But, before we invest our hard-earned money into a life skill, we tend to think about its outcome.

We are often bombarded with questions like – is it value for money? Are the claims genuine? Will it benefit me? How will I learn? Etc.

But, no worries, this step-by-step guide will help you know ‘Which is the best online English Speaking course” for you?

What to look for before joining an Online Speaking Course?

1. The duration of the course

An important consideration while joining the course is the duration of the course. Because the success rate and benefit depend highly on the fact that you can give proper time to the classes, don’t join a course before fully analyzing your time availability and your other schedule.

Keeping this critical aspect in mind, ACL has designed its courses in a way that they are within reach of the individuals, whether they are homemakers, professionals, students, or job seekers.


2. Provider

With a lot of demand comes the need to check the authenticity of the provider. Who is providing the course? Is the organization genuine and upstanding? An organization that holds experience in the field and the one that has goodwill in the said industry is likely to give you better results and value for your money. ACL has been engaged in imparting education in classroom teaching models for the past 26 years and has been a well-known name in personality development and teaching English speaking. We have a long-standing history of success stories regarding our Students who speak highly of our innovative teaching methods, professionalism, and dedication.

Value for money

3. Value for money and time

Whether pursuing a course will benefit you or not will depend on the returns it gives you. What do you receive in place of the money that you are going to spend? Here, going through the course structure, batch size, flexibility provided, etc., comes in handy. The course detail can be easily found on the official website. Further details can be gathered by contacting the officials. It is crucial to make a comparison of the plethora of courses available. The course that gives you a hand holding in your journey to learn will benefit you more than the others.

4. Facilities Given

Most English-speaking courses focus on providing lectures, but that is not enough. Learning any language means the ability of an individual to communicate his ideas and thoughts in that language. Therefore, mere note providing doesn’t serve the purpose. A good English-speaking course will focus on your learning and also provide you with ample opportunities to express yourself in English. Not only this, but batch size also affects your learning capacity as small batch size means better attention and more opportunity to converse. Our different courses, like Professional Conversation and Communication, Online Conversation, Learn to Communicate- focus on individual needs. Regular feedback is given, and activities and lessons are planned to bring positive change in individuals.

This is one of the main reasons for our 100% success rate.

5. Results and ratings

Checking for the ratings and results before joining a course can give you a wholesome picture of what to expect. These can be easily gathered by going through the official website and testimonials from various dating sites. ACL has won many accolades overtime for its work in English Communication. “Global Education Conclave Award 2019” is just one of them. We have a high number of 80000+ happy students and counting. We plan on continuing this journey in online mode as well.

These are a few points that can help you choose a course that is right for you. I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

  Written by: Anchal Upadhyay

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