How to learn English at home?

To learn a language, we need to place ourselves in an environment where we can listen to the language, speak the language, read the language and write the language.

When English becomes a second language, we need to create an environment of English to practice, which is challenging, but at the same time involves one's creativity.

The Internet has always been a rich source of content for learning anything.

In the world struck by the corona pandemic, we learnt ways to upskill ourselves while being at home; we also witnessed a spate of disparate online courses in various fields.

While motivation remains the first and foremost thing for a learner to move on the journey to learn a language, consistency is equally important.

There are examples in colleges, universities where students who go for higher education, learn English because they have to read the text, content in that language, they listen to the lectures in English, and make notes in it, thus, they spend much time with the language, and, hence, it becomes easy for them to learn it, speak it.

achievable at home

The same is achievable while being at home.

A learner needs a guide to help them overcome their doubts, guide them in a graded manner on the ladder of learning the language and keep them motivated.

They can avail the services of an online language coach.

Many institutes train individuals on spoken English, ACL(American centre for languages), one such excellent institute catering to online students and conducting English speaking classes in their training centres.

One can go through the institutes' reviews on social media, on their websites before enrolling oneself in any of these places.

Besides the help from these centres, learners can start reading storybooks, watch animated movies with subtitles, and speak English more and more in their peer groups or talk to themselves-which may feel dull in the beginning, but is as much fun later.

pronunciation grammar

Today we also have apps that can help us better our pronunciation, grammar, and accent; your language teacher can guide you on this.

Building vocabulary is one of the most important things for learning how to speak a language. A learner must read and learn new words in contexts and revise them daily. They can write and maintain a notebook for the same.

One can also start consulting any English to English dictionary, which may feel difficult initially, but will help a lot after the initial struggle of 20 to 30 days.

One should have excellent command on tenses by way of practice, as, they form the foundation of spoken English.

Speaking to people out of their peer groups helps learners boost their morale.

You should get exposure to the language as much as possible and seek opportunities to create an atmosphere for themselves.

The example of the youngest IPS officer from Gujarat, Safin Hasan, who tells how he improved his spoken English will be a perfect one for how determination and passion for doing something can make everything enjoyable.

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