India as a country is known for its varied variety of cultures that exist in one country. It is the land of Ganges the world’s second largest river, the land of Aryans & Dravidians, the land known as bird of gold, the land of epics like Vedas & puranas, the land of great personalities like Gandhi. India is a country which as a perfect example of unity in diversity. In this diversity there are 18 major languages spoken in India with Hindi as national language & English as official language is used. Although, English came to India with the British people during their reign where it prevailed for a prolonged time & now it has been adopted as one of own language. English is not a status symbol but knowing English enables an individual to interact easily with outside world.

As Indians with so many diversities English has traveled its long way & as mother tongue plays the key role in acquiring knowledge of any new language it also has influence on pronunciation of words which results many most commonly wrongly pronounced words. It is not necessary that pronunciation is effected by environmental factors also like school, college, peer-group, etc. Thus, to generate awareness about most commonly wrongly pronounced words we are listing 15 words below which are commonly pronounced wrongly.

  • poem Poem = ­­­POE-UM

  • debris Debris = DE-BREE

  • VIOLIN Violin = VA-YUH-LIN

  • MONK Monk = MUNK

  • COUPON Coupon = KOO-PAWN


  • DEMON Demon = DE-MON


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