Prepared Speeches- BDH (Indira Nagar Branch)

Your speech & Your evaluation

  1. Your confidence
  2. Your eye contact
  3. Your voice modulation pb
  4. How well you have prepared- learnt by heart or not?
  5. Good quotations, vocabulary, English expressions, sense of humor
  6. Your facial expressions
  7. Your pronunciations & MTI

What should you do?

  1. Research content very well from different resources like magazine, internet, your known people’s ideas etc.
  2. Don’t cram, understand and try to write in your own words.
  3. Take help from your mentor
  4. Learn your speech by heart
  5. Rehearse very well in front of mirror and your family member or friends … its good for your confidence.
  6. Dress up nicely for your presentation day (Optional)

What topics to prepare?

1. Any motivational story or story with moral short stories foxandstork 2. Any imaginary story created by you Prepared Speeches- BDH (Indira Nagar Branch) 3.Interesting facts in the world Fun Facts4.On Any celebrity national or International FFFaFhowsocialme 5.Anecdotes from any celebrity’s life Getty anecdote afafbbdbd 6. Explanation of any quotation in your own manner Hold On Pain Ends 7.Any old or new news with your analysis and research news tsodotcom 8.Interesting places in the world aeddfbadcee russian federation old bridges 9.Mysteries in the world MVBODZhMDINTEtYTMZCNjczLTllNmEtYWIxNmVmZTIZjgxLltYWdlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTUNDIMTE@ 10.Or any other thing on your mind seek suggestion from your teacher with what’s on your mind Dollarphotoclub  
Remember “YOU enjoying it and making it interesting is the KEY “

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