Why is online education the future of education?

Online education is not just the need of the hour, but also the future of education in our country. While the pandemic caused all human activities to cease, humans took to alternative modes of working and learning.

Ernest Hemingway said A man could be destroyed but not defeated.

The pandemic can claim lives, but life, ultimately, has to go on.

Human beings have a great ability to adapt. They not only moved ahead but showed that ‘change is permanent.’

Life is changing every day; society is progressing, with this progress have come many disadvantages.

  • Today we find congestion on roads, pollution in the air.
  • Travelling from one place to the other is time-consuming.
  • It is high time we should adapt to different modes not only in the area of work but also in the area of learning.

Life turns more complex with the passage of time, and therefore it is important for you to look for alternative modes.

E-learning allows us to take care of work together with responsibilities at home.

We can ward off the danger of breathing in the polluted air outside.

It is time-saving too, one can save the time that one spends in commuting.

With the entrenchment of internet services far and wide, it has become possible for people from every nook and corner to get connected and come on a virtual platform.

One can avail the services which were, earlier, not possible because of physical distance.

It is also observed that services offered offline are costlier than services offered online, so it becomes cost-effective too.

One can today attend online classes with all comforts of home.

It is also a step towards empowering the females at home who were deprived of such benefits for very long. It has become easy for them to strike a balance between home and work.

It is in the wake of the fact that people across different regions have accessibility to internet services; ACL has also offered its English learning online courses which had been so far available only offline. Physical barriers are a thing of the past now.

Students take guidance here, improve their confidence, hone their skills and ensure success in all walks of life.

Online education is going to become more popular with time, as travelling is a hassle these days. Delhi is one of the examples for it, where people would avoid to travel out in their city.

It is in line with this that the union government has also taken steps towards e-learning in its new education policy in 2020.

That means the e-learning is going to become more popular with people, as the government intends to invest in online education and make it a success

It’s not just in the area of learning, but in the area of work also that virtual engagement will be encouraged.

So many companies have already given ‘work from home’ to most of its employees. The trend seems to become permanent in future. Instead of commuting to the office in peak hours, and spending a great deal of time in the congestion, people would prefer to work online from home. Companies would prefer to take interviews online rather than call the interviewees for a physical interview.

All this was not new to the western world, the virtual presence was already pervasive there, and now the pandemic has propelled the engine of this growth in our country too.

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